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    Are you looking for the Amtrak Auto Train schedule? Look no further. Not only will we give you the Auto Train schedule, but we are going to provide you with secret insider tips that you cannot get on the Amtrak website.

    Amazing Fact: Auto Train Schedule Never Changes
    Remarkably, the Amtrak Auto Train schedule almost never changes: it has been this way for many years.

    If you are travelling south to Florida, then the Auto Train leaves Lorton, Virginia every day at 4:00 PM, sharp. Because you are transporting an auto, and because you are one of many, the boarding process is more complicated than if you were just a foot passenger. 3:00 PM is the absolute last boarding time for your vehicle. Because Amtrak Auto Train also accepts unusual vehicles like motorcycles and oversized vehicles like RVs and trailers, 2:00 PM is the cutoff time for boarding these vehicles.

    This schedule happens every day like clockwork. Railfans, snowbirds, and others who make this yearly trek to Florida and back can recite the Auto Train schedule by heart. After all, it is quite simple. Amtrak calls their southbound train number 53. Then, 855 miles later, after a restful sleep and a hearty breakfast in the dining car, you arrive in Sanford, Florida at 9:30 AM.

    Coming back north, the Auto Train schedule from Sanford, Florida to Lorton, Virginia is the same thing. Board oversized vehicles by 2:00 PM; board conventional vehicles by 3:00 PM; and at 4:00 PM, as you are settling into a table in the dining car for a lively game of cards with fellow passengers, the train begins rolling northbound.

    Auto Train Insider Tips
    When Amtrak lists a boarding time on their schedule for Auto Train, they mean it. Because of the complexity of dealing with different vehicles and passenger temperaments, the boarding process is slow. If you arrive even five minutes after your stated boarding time, Amtrak is not obligated to honor your ticket. So, arrive early. Remove any items that you will want from your vehicle prior to boarding; once onboard, you will not be able to access the vehicle.

    It doesn't get much easier than that. In this day and age of complicated airline schedules, with planes leaving at any time of day or night 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the stability of the Amtrak Auto Train schedule can be comforting.

    And two more insider tips. First, even though Amtrak's Auto Train schedule is rather rigid, do take the time to confirm these times at Amtrak's website ( Secondly, Auto Train is a fun experience, and a nice way to beat the Eastern Seaboard traffic. But for true auto transport, seek out a qualified truck-based auto shipper. It's cheaper, faster, and less troublesome.

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